Auto Transport From NJ To CA – Things To Know

Thinking of getting car shipping from NJ to CA but not sure how to go about it? Maybe you’re not sure which auto transport service provider is right for you or how to tell if the car shipping quotes are not too high? Well, this simple yet useful guide will help you out. So give it a good read till the very last word.

It’s a Long Distance – Work With Someone Reputed:

The total distance from NJ to CA is around 3000 miles. It’s a lot, so you should work with someone that doesn’t have a long list of bad reviews. Someone who is known for their quality of service and professionalism. Here are a few very important things to keep in mind when hunting for a great auto transport service provider:

New Jersey to California Car Transport Experience:

This is a must to have if you want the car to be delivered safely and sound, and on time. The reason for this is if they’ve not made a good number of transits from NJ to CA, then they’re not familiar with the routes.

They won’t know which ones are the fastest and safest for a hauler loaded with vehicles. Although safety is not a big concern as the professional companies are insured, but delivery time is. Being familiar with the routes will allow them to get there fast.

Good Rep on the Internet:

Any car transport company, whether shipping vehicles from New Jersey to California or to any other destinations, should have great feedback from their clients. This means they should have a good number and quality of reviews on Google Business Profile, Facebook, BirdEye, and BBB.

By reading the reviews, you can quickly learn about their service quality and what to expect on your car transport from NJ to CA.

Not too High Cost:

The total distance from NJ to CA is between 2800 to 3000 miles, depending on where you are in California and when you need to ship the car. This means the cost to ship a car can be a little high, especially if they are experienced and have a good amount of reviews backing their professionalism.

However, it should not be too high. And you can know that by getting car shipping quotes from other auto transport companies. The difference should not be more than a few hundred bucks.

NJ to CA Auto Transport Provider Insurance:

This is an absolute necessity; you cannot compromise on insurance. Your vehicle should be covered, and your investment in it should be protected in case the truck carrying it gets into an accident. So, ask the company straight up about what kind of insurance policy they’ve got in place and what it covers.

Ask them about things like what type of accidents are covered, how much coverage amount is, what’ll you get if all the cars get destroyed and whether natural disasters are covered in it. These things should help you ensure your investment in the car will not go down with it.

Ask About Additional Benefits:

There are many more things to remember, like do they give discounts to certain people such as AAA members, military personnel, disabled or elderly people, students, etc. If so, and you belong to any of these categories, you’ll get some money off of the final quote.

Furthermore, do they have any other bonuses attached with their services like a free car wash, free storage, and car rental in case of delay and so on? These will help you squeeze maximum value out of your investment in car transport.

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